OjO Power Enterprises has been established as a Solar System Integrator it teamed up with New Pious Energy, a reputed Local construction & Service provider company in I&C of Solar Power Plant, Later in the year 2020 OjO Power Enterprises (OPE) was established and specialized in Solar Power Operation and developed its own team for Solar Plant I&C, EPC and Operation and Maintenance. OPE core businesses include solar farm EPC, Installation & commissioning, operation and services.

We are supported by a highly skilled execution team & working in a vertically integrated end-to-end engineering process, resulting in plant layouts with their possible yield/investment ratio. We believe in the procurement of the most efficient components from different vendor companies to provide our customers with the most advanced and reliable systems.

Our technological alliances allow us to guarantee a comprehensive performance ratio to secure your investment and your cash flow. As a turnkey provider, we are the right partners to handle whatever is necessary for the efficient erection and operation of solar power PV plants.

In a solar plant, the efficiency and profitability relies on both performances of its single parts but also proper matching and compatibility between the components. We will ensure that the plant is properly designed and commissioned for maximum efficiency and profits.

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